JD Doria’s artworks bring together science, as an empirical discipline, and art, as expression of an inner being that avoids the rules. JD Doria employs Petri dish which is used as a container in laboratory to hold  solid and liquid chemical solutions;  the Petri dish is defined as farming soil. JD Doria monitors the reactions between the elements and the result is revealing. The Petri dish becomes a canvas giving rise to new shapes that, as the artist said, border on the limit between the organic and the intangible. Then the photography comes out making his art more surprising.

Into the food designed Blend project making possible for empathizing visitors with the artist and the process he followed. Each commensal can freely decide which sauces to blend, with selection based on density and colours. Therefore the users retrace the same process of the artist, waiting for a visually satisfying result that comes posted and shared on social media. As a result the commensal tastes his own creation and by looking at the artworks reaches the consciousness of the existing microcosm described by JD Doria.

Tags: eating design, food design, JD Doria, roma, Rome