Break. “Oltre il Gusto” project concept n°3

Oltre il Gusto / Beyond the taste is a retrospective study stemming from the findings of the Into the Food project. Over the course of 2015, behind this project we embarked on a journey in the universe of fine food aimed at analyzing, understanding and finding new and original ways to innovate high gastronomy thanks to food and eating design.

By applying the principles of food and eating design to gastronomy, Into the Food put eaters at the center of the gastronomic process, allowing them to play an active part in a creative process that will culminate in a unique experience. The two processes, the creative and the experiential one, meld into one when the experience is taking place. The experience conceived during the creative process aims at creating a privileged relationship between the eater, the food and the environment where the experience happens, and at the same time gives a new meaning to the work of designers and chefs who have designed such experience. In the end, the experience is a way to bring chefs, designers and eaters closer.

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Starting from 2015, we have been putting our specialized knowledge into practice and developing a series of creative projects focusing on a particular feature they wanted to experiment with.

In order to maintain a certain degree of neutrality from food in the preliminary phase, the projects are presented in the form of a paper model. The use of neutral colors is dictated by the need to avoid any association with a specific food on the part of the viewer – in fact, the ingredients are selected only at a later time in close cooperation with the chef. Looking at pure shapes makes it easier to evaluate dimensions, affordance and textures (characteristics and surfaces).

This minimal approach facilitates the understanding of the idea behind the project and allows to focus the attention on the type of interaction and subsequent experience each project entails. The eater is actively involved in the actualization of the project. He interacts with food and performs a gesture that creates a reaction, bringing the experience to life.

The project concept n°3 tells the story of Rome and of its culture through a gesture of rupture. Unlike the other dishes, this time the action needed to kick start the experience is inspired by body language rather than the gastronomic tradition of ancient Romans. The protagonist of the dish is a cube with a dimple on top. The story begins when the eater presses his thumb into the hollow part while reproducing the “thumbs down” hand gesture, a clear reference to historic scenarios charged with meaning that adds value to the experience. Such an evocative gesture goes from referencing the power of a rupture to a way of showing appreciation for the story presented by the dish.

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