Cuònzolo (as it is in Campania region’s dialect, is also expressed as Consòlo, Conzòle, Consuòlo, Ricùnsulu in other southern regions of Italy)  is the mourning ritual which expresses the comforting function through the funeral banquet. The funeral banquet is an alliance and communion meal which manifests itself as an offer of solace and recovery. Cuònzolo is generally organized by relatives, neighbors and friends at the house of who passed away. The guests are all the people whom had been suffering with loss and grief.
In other words, Cuònzolo means that eating together is a ritual form of liberation from grief.

The social distancing during the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic forbids everyone from support the community or the family members when they have a loss.
This historical moment inquires all of us about the importance of the physical contact, while society responds to this lack with an increasing use of social and digital aggregation tools. The social need urges us to redesign rituals which bring the community back to the centre for a socially more sustainable future vision.

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