Leguminosa 2018

Leguminosa is a biennial event organized in Naples by Slow Food Italia and Slow Food Campania which want develop a new sector 
to currently the market.
The event sensitizes consumers to the value of legumes, unjustly underestimated and that instead play a fundamental role in our diet.
The main objective is to help understand and deepen the link between consumer, territory, agriculture and the environment.
Italian and international biodiversity of legumes is the theme of the event. Protecting biodiversity is increasingly an international need; 
it is, in fact, the result of long evolutionary processes that for over three billion years allow life to adapt to changing conditions on earth.
In recent decades, climate change, natural disasters, societal choices, as well as consumer and producer preferences have led to a 
significant reduction in natural diversity and its genetic expression. 
Into the Foodwork for communication of the event and the graphics of the stands, 
the photos used were taken by photographer Paolo Gaudio.
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