Trip of dreamy food

Food is culture. All the activities man has done until now, from agriculture to the transformation processes and distribution of food, have been diversified by backgrounds. Food is the first element through which human identity is defined then what we eat is always a cultural product. Actually the new generations use to travel more than the previous generations, people are getting closer and the migrations have been influencing gastronomy giving rise to new forms of food. We can meet unknowed communities, discover traditions and production processes just watching around us or travelling and exploring the countries we visit through the food they eat.

Into the Food has created an installation which will connect people and food in a unusual way. Our guests were involved in a new experience that taked them to make a dreamy TRIP into gastronomy.  We can discover new tastes by travelling or eat to discover the world.

URBAN PORTRAITS edition Trip of dreamy food was designed for the opening of the international photography exhibition Urban Portraits at  Spazio Visiva in Rome, which was focused on the relationship between cities and trip.

Festa dell’Europa edition | Trip of dreamy food has been replied for SocialEvo 3.0 Association during the Festa dell’Europa at Città della Scienza in Naples.

Tags: food design, URBAN PORTRAITS, visiva