Make your event memorable

To make an event memorable is essential a physical and emotional involvement give from a unique experience. Food can become a vehicle for a message (playful, complaint, reflection, cultural, etc.) through the project of Food and Eating design, which enriches the experience of those who participate in the event.

Define the objective of the event and the messages to communicate, identify how the diners involvement planning actions and rituals to be performed during the food act using the tools of Food Experience Design and Eating design.

The project moves between relationships that are established between the subject, the food and the environment create a unique experience. The reactions and involvement that are born with the audience participating in the events is incredible. We thoroughly tested the potential of the project passing through the food making memorable events.

What we design

opening of exhibitions in galleries or museums

cultural events

food and wine events

corporate events with promotional purposes

cuturali events for educational purposes

private parties

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