High gastronomy

High Gastronomy

Innovate your gastronomic offer

At a time of great vivacity for gastronomy that is the protagonist of the global media scene, the need to experiment and innovate for a diversification play a fundamental role. Food Design Thinking  studies examining the creative processes of gastronomy and they discovered that the processes are similar to the methods designers use in other fields such as industrial design. The chefs could learn from existing design tools and designers can learn from chefs.

Our work in the world of gastronomy is part of the creative process, in the early stages of research and testing; and in the experiential process in the nearest stages of food act. Our goal is to make the food experience more rich and complex and going to give pleasure and satisfaction to the customer from new points of view.

The project moves between relationships that are established between the subject, the food and the environment, where personal interests (background) and beliefs allow the people to complete the experience. Working with expectations, aesthetics (perception) and the application of external stimuli we involve the viewer from several points of view: emotional, cerebral and physical.

What we design

Products (food) for food companies that want to increase the consumer experience

Projects for high gastronomy that increase the experience of customer

Projects for high gastronomy for temporary events

Projects for high gastronom with medium and long-term collaborations

(laboratories or research projects)

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